Are you an interactive and a witty person? Do you want to make your hobby a profession? Perhaps radio jockeying will be the most interesting profession for you.
You have your own style of communication.To make an imprint in the listeners’ heart, apart from a good voice, the Radio Jockey should be warm, friendly, spontaneous, and dynamic. A radio jockey must possess good communication skills as it requires a lot of interaction with the listeners and one should know how to talk to make the show work.


Many aspects of radio are live and one of the most important radio jobs will be to make sure the sound is good so that your audience can hear everything the RJ is saying as well as making sure the songs and music is played correctly. This job falls onto the sound engineer at a radio station. Most stations have an audio engineer for each radio show and sometimes the audio engineer will also produce the show.
Your jobs as a sound engineer will be to essentially make sure there is sound being broadcast for the radio show or for live radio. You must be qualified to do this job and understand exactly how to mix music, edit tracks, fade in and fade out the RJ and the music, among other things. You will have a room full of equipment that you must use including a mixing desk, microphones, headphones, intercoms, computers, and more.


Radio reporters develop story ideas, perform research, interview people, write their stories and broadcast reports. Some stories require time and development while others occur quickly and demand an immediate response. Radio broadcast professionals must write well, possess strong research skills and speak articulately.


A newsreader (or news anchor) is responsible for delivering news reports via radio or digital media services. Depending on whether a newsreader is to appear on radio news programmes, the news announcements will either take the form of auditory (radio) performances. In its most basic form, news reading is a voluntary position with a small community radio station, whereby the candidate will simply read a short statement of news items from a list; the onus is on tone of voice and pacing to make the stories sound engaging, warm and entice the listener to learn more. The newsreader will typically seek to avoid sounding dry, flat, or as if they are just reading from a pre-prepared list, which is where the reader’s talent defines their ability. At the top end of the scale.

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